Physics question


For this academic year, students will write a report that summarises one application of physics, related to a particular topic.

To write the report:

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a) follow the guidance provided by: (a) briefing document; (b) extract from Ministry of Education assessment handbook (pages 29 & 50); (c) video to give overview of report & explain referencing;

b) choose an application that interests you, from a physics topic with which you are familiar;

c) read articles, reports, descriptions of this application from various sources (to get good information, we suggest 3-6 different sources);

d) write a well-structured original report that clearly explains the following points:

• What is the application, about which you are reporting – your explanation of the application should be both detailed and succinct!

• Why this application is of particular interest to you

• Why this application is important to the scientific community and/or the general public

• What you have learned, in the course of doing your research and writing the report





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