Pick one of the 14 ethical questions we’ve studied over the course of the semester and develop a more detailed response to it than presented in your discussion board post.

Pick one of the 14 ethical questions we’ve studied over the course of the semester and develop a more detailed response to it than presented in your discussion board post. Your response should clearly explain your own view of the answer to the problem you’ve decided to work on. Try to develop a strong set of reasons aimed at convincing the reader of your paper (me, the professor) that your view of this particular ethical problem is correct. Make use of the different theories presented by the authors studied over the semester, as well as additional readings on the topic, to support your position.***In addition to discussing the readings from the relevant textbook chapter, your paper should also make use of at least two additional readings beyond those read for class. A list of relevant articles is presented in the textbook at the end of each chapter; you should select the additional sources for your paper from this list. Please email me if you have trouble locating any additional article.***à Your paper should be at least 4 pages double spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1” margins. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion that state your thesis (the general claim you’re defending in the paper) and that summarize the supporting points you’ll be making. Please include a works cited page at the end of your paper. Any format for the works cited page is okay, as long as it is consistent throughout your paper.Also, when in doubt, cite a source! Even if you’re not quoting a text directly, be sure to include a note of the author and date for any paraphrasing of statements, or even the mentioning of ideas, that come from another source. Using the ideas or written material from an outside source without citing it constitutes plagiarism and will lead to a failing grade on the assignment.In text citations at the end of any sentence using material from another source are the best way to successfully point out the use of an outside source in the paper. These citations should look like the following (Last Name, year) or, for example, (Fosner, 2018). The full bibliographical information for any outside source should appear on the works cited page at the end of your paper. Please email me if you have questions about citations or what constitutes plagiarism!This assignment will be graded on the basis of the following four factors:1. Completeness: Have all parts of the prompt been answered?2. Accuracy: Have the course texts been accurately represented? Is the discussion of ethicaltheories and concepts accurate?3. Insight: Have novel and interesting points been made? Is your own view clearly expressed?4. Style: How easy is the paper to read? How clear and concise is the writing?This is my decision that you use it to write my essayIS ABORTION WRONGIn my view,the embryo is a living thing . In fact it has a heart rate and it has it own DNA .It clearly human.Some people accept that abortion is permitted if continuing the pregnancy would put the mother’s life in real danger. However, this is the only abortion that is acceptable in my view .When a mother is in her early stage of pregnancy, if it is confirmed that the fetus suffers from a defect that can’t be treated and it will cause great suffering to both mother and the unborn child, in this circumstance abortion is permissible provided that that the pregnancy is in the early stage . More so , a slightly more liberal opinion is the that abortion within the early stage would manner be permitted , if the unborn child is coming in the world with physical and mental deformity as deprive the child normal life , but it is harmful to abort to child who is physical healthy as well as mother because of financial circumstances or unplanned pregnancy