Platform economy

1. Drawing on what you know from the case study, and your case study update in Part 1, what do you identify as good strategic moves and poor strategic moves by Uber in their quest to be a global business? Provide reasons using theories presented in the course where possible. 2. Using both the positive and negative views of globalization presented in the course provide an assessment of the impact of Uber in the countries in which it operates. Explain if you believe this impact has changed (or is changing) from the period prior to 2017, as given in the case study, to the period since 2017 as given in your response to Part 1. Provide reasons for your view using theories presented in the course where possible. 3. What features of globalisation do you believe have helped or hindered the growth of ‘platform economy’ businesses like Uber? (while Uber should be the focus of your answer, you can also choose to discuss other examples, like Airbnb or Amazon.) 4. Write a brief note on the impact of Covid-19 on Uber so far and if you believe Uber will survive in the long-term. Provide reasons for your view.