Please provide CPA citation on the essay for any fact or article that you use.

Please provide CPA citation on the essay for any fact or article that you use. My professor is very critical on the APA citation.
Below is the essay prompt:
I want you to think about evidence-based medicine and how this impacts patient care as well as health insurance coverage of care. Also, think about how evidence-based medicine can be the foundation for preventing medical malpractice as well. Think about what this means for your patients’ care, the other providers who care for them, and the insurance companies that pay for this management and care. For the most part, health care providers do really care about their patients, but how might “evidence” be defined and used to guide practice and payment of health care services? Also, feel free to dive into the regulatory bodies, like the FDA, that are involved in determining what is “evidence-based medicine” and how it can be used to support approvals and payment. Although we do not always like to consider the economic aspects of medicine, it is, in fact, the financial part that keeps technology moving forward. That is why pharmaceutical companies invest so much into their drug development processes. We see this in genetic diagnostics and precision medicine as well.
I would like 1-2 pages maximum word document, single-spaced, APA citations and appropriate in-text referencing, spelling and grammar checked. Although you are asked to express your own opinions and thoughts where appropriate, a professional writing style is still recommended.