Policy making


The world is in the midst of the most severe pandemic in living memory. Scientists dubbed the pandemic’s
source “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” (SARS-CoV-2), but it is more commonly referred by
the label assigned the disease it causes: coronavirus disease 2019 or “COVID-19”. COVID-19 spread rapidly
at a historic scale and with unprecedented impacts.
The conventional conception of public policy casts it as encompassing both decisions and non-decisions of
governments. As a reflection of societal values and priorities, public policies can take a “traditional” form, such
as law, regulation, executive order, local ordinance, and court decision (among others). They can also take the
form of on-the-ground regularized choices by frontline bureaucrats. In all these forms, public policies represent
priorities of a society and they, in turn, shape society.
Instructions: Utilize the steps in the policymaking process and describe how you would develop a policy to
address the COVID-19 pandemic. You will write a comprehensive response that addresses each step in that
process. Note, you are not to develop an actual policy. However, you are to demonstrate that you understand
as a public health practitioner that you know how policies are developed, implemented, and evaluated. As
Ph.D. students, the expectation is that you will write sufficiently, and your thoughts will be coherent.


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