Political Briefing

2000 words policy brief discount reference (but still need reference at the end), Harvard referencing style



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Assuming you were a policy researcher of a political party in the UK. You are asked to produce a policy briefing to inform party members on the impact of the Covid pandemic on one of the following groups in the UK:

  1. Care home residents;
  2. School children with limited access to digital technology;
  3. A-level and GCSE students;
  4. minority ethnic groups;
  5. workers in the hospitality industry.


In the policy briefing, you have to (framework)

  • include a title
  • an analysis of the impact of the pandemic on the selected group;
  • a critique of government policies targeted at the selected group during the pandemic; alternative policy options discussed in the public debate;
  • the strengths and weaknesses of these alternative options;
  • and finally your policy recommendations on how to enhance the support for the selected group in the current and post-pandemic period.

You can include graphics and/or special designs. However, the assessment will be solely based on the text contents.