Upload Assignment: Political Letter
Due Date
Monday, April 19, 2021
11:59 PM
Points Possible
In this assignment you will write a 300-500-word letter to someone in a position of authority about a specific issue covered in Unit Three of the course.
Course Learning Objectives:
Use gender, race, sexuality, and other categories of identity and difference as a way of exploring diversity and cross-cultural communication; Develop interdisciplinary analytical and research skills and apply those skills to a variety of contexts and social spaces; Develop a sense of civic identity by becoming involved in civic-engagement activities.
Assignment objectives:
Identify a specific issue based on course materials from Unit Three. Review the issues addressed in Unit Three—Education, Immigration, Prison Industrial Complex, and Sexual Assault. For example, you could choose under-resourced schools; challenges facing undocumented college students; the incarceration of children; how to teach elementary school students about consent. Identify a person in authority who is in a position to address the issue you have chosen. For example, a local Board of Education or District Superintendent; a Congress person or Senator; a director of a local, state, or federal agency related to your issue; a Principal, or college president. You will need to do some research to find the person’s title and contact information.
Describe the issue, explain why it is important to you, and detail a specific way that the person you’re writing to can address the issue. For example, what could an elementary school principal do to teach students about consent? Can you direct them to specific resources? Are there examples from other school districts that might be useful? Incorporate one reference to a course text in your letter. Be sure to include a footnote that identifies your source. Format:
Use correct titles to address the person you are writing to, i.e. “Dear Madam Speaker,” “Dear Principal Clarke,” “Dear Congresswoman Williams,” etc.
Be courteous, professional, and focused on a specific issue.
Letters should be 300-500-words. Use a regular 12-point font and be sure to proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Template:
Here is a useful template for your letter. You can follow this example whether you’re writing to a politician or anyone else in a position of authority. [