Powerful imagery

Directions: Copy/Paste these Questions into a Word document (or simply create a document without the questions) in which you write a full paragraph in response to each of these critical thinking questions. Hint: the more you engage and write, the better. Avoid brevity. We are practicing critical thinking and writing skills here.

  1. In Before the Flood, we saw countless ways that our consumption is ruining the environment. What outcomes were most shocking to you? What solutions provided you with the most optimism for the future?
  2. Every November, we have a chance to elect representatives with our best interests in mind, whether that is locally or in Washington, D.C. If you were elected to office, what actions would you take to ensure a sustainable future for future generations?
  3. During the most recent Presidential election, we voted not only for a new leader of the so-called “Free World,” but an individual who theoretically has the power to set us on a new course. How is President Trump doing in this regard? Do some research if necessary.
  4. The debate about climate change has been labeled as a misinformation campaign. What arguments have you heard on either side of the debate that have been most impactful in creating your views? Have any of these ideas been changed because of this film?
  5. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our planet? Why?
  6. The film is filled with powerful imagery, eye-popping statistics, and a myriad of ideas of how to live a greener lifestyle. What was most powerful and inspiring to you? What will you tell your peers about this film?
  7. What socio-political issues or scientific facts do you want to learn more about with regard to the climate crisis humanity is facing?