produce a research proposal (with a bibliography) which provides clear evidence of your growing understanding of the field of cultural anthropology, its concepts and research methods

ASSIGNMENT 2: RESEARCH/DEVELOPING A PROPOSAL ANTHROPOLOGY & SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, DOUGLAS COLLEGEANTH 1100 SECTIONS 001, 002, & 003SUMMER 2019Course Director: Dr. Denise NuttallResearch Proposal SummaryAssignment Objectives:Your goal is to produce a research proposal (with a bibliography) which provides clear evidence of your growing understanding of the field of cultural anthropology, its concepts and research methods. Clearly your work must show a scholarly familiarity within the discipline of cultural anthropology focusing on a specific area or set of issues of concern in a specific area of study. In following the course syllabus students should note that we are covering a variety of issues within anthropology which give rise to a number of questions ranging from the ethics of doing fieldwork around the globe, to understanding the lives of others within their own cultural contexts (cultural relativism). Students are asked to write a proposal within the topical areas listed on this handout. If you are passionate about other ideas come and see your Professor in office hours to discuss other options.Given that the emphasis is on research and the critical interpretation of the material you discover through the research process, this assignment enables you to achieve the following:➢ Develop some basic library skills➢ Learn that description, interpretation and analysis is subjective and that multiple viewpoints on a given subject are both common and desirable in broadening our understanding of anthropological theories and methods.➢ Develop an understanding of a specific research field within the sub-discipline of cultural anthropology➢ Create your own ‘academic’ voice and discuss those of others in anthropological fields/literatures.➢ Create a viable proposal for carrying out research in the field of cultural anthropology.Research Proposal: Getting startedPreparation:1. Choose one of the topics listed on this handout2. Do a preliminary search for references through e-resources at the Douglas College library on the topic of choice.3. Create a central research question (thesis statement) based on the topic of choice and three sub-questions (relating to the central question) which you will argue in your proposal.Choose topics from the list below:These are topic suggestions only. If you have a specific topic that you would like to research that is related to the course materials you may submit it to the Instructor for approval.Please keep in mind the following:1. The research proposal should be 4 – 6 pages in length, double spaced in 12 point font with 1 inch margins all around. Your bibliography should include reference to at least 3-4 sources (scholarly books and peer reviewed journal articles).➢ The rise of social inequalities in the global economic system.➢ The role of art in indigenous cultures such as Aboriginal Australia.➢ Gender inequality/roles/identities in a specific culture area we have studied.➢ The strengths and weaknesses of the United Nations’ approach to developmentsince 1950.➢ The problem of bride burning in India.➢ Caste as a system of social inequality.➢ The Grameen Bank and the micro credit revolution.➢ The problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa (or in other geographic areas of global concern).➢ The unsustainable globe and possible solutions for the future.Hint: Refereed journals are academic journals which are edited by academic peers. These journals are generally published quarterly or twice a year. Examples of refereed journal articles could include: Cultural Critique, American Ethnology, Ethos, Folklore Studies, Visual Anthropology, Body and Society and the like. Go to the library to the recent periodical section and take a look at some Cultural Anthropology journals. The refereed journals will have a list of editors on the inside cover and tell you where the journal was published. Ask a librarian through e-resources how to find more information on the listed refereed anthropology journals at the Douglas College library. If in doubt ask a librarian!In compiling this material, be sure to search widely: make use of the periodical indices as well as catalogues for other research libraries your community. Try to select sources which have a range of publication dates as well. For example research on feminism, gender and culture written in the late 1980s may vary considerably from something published in 2017. Please do not include references written in languages which you are not familiar.1