Access the dataset called “Voter_Turnout_Small”. This is data from the US Census that tabulates voting results across the past ten election cycles. Your task is to assess the demographic characteristics that affect voting in presidential and non-presidential election years. 1) Build a map that shows Voting Percentage in Presidential and Non-Presidential years by state in a single map (with 2 panels). 2) Determine the demographic descriptive statistics (percentages) for gender, race, age and education for Illinois in both presidential election and non-election years. 3) Use regression to model (Fit Model command) the impact of all demographic variables in both presidential and non-presidential election years. Describe which factors have the greatest impact and the nature of the relationship. 4) Using Profiler, determine your likelihood to vote in the current midterm election (assuming you are a resident of Illinois if you are not a US citizen) based on your demographic profile.