Project leadership is at the heart of project organising. Identify and critically discuss the key project leadership competencies and processes that impact project success.

The main structure of paper is :-introduction-statement of the problem with literature review-analysis of the problem-conclusionThe marking breakdown:Statement of the problem – 30%Analysis – 40%Conclusion – 20%Presentation -10%The total number of words must be up to 3000 words and similarity not more than 14% otherwise I ll be penalized with 10%!!!-In the statement, you must write theory ( literature review) regarding the topic-In the analysis, you must analyse and start answering the questions from your point of view, with no many references, but based on the statement-In conclusion, you must conclude, propose solutions, find literature gaps, answer the questions and make proposals from your point of view, without references, but based on statement and analysis.(Satysfying the marker that we have answered all questions clearly)In conclusion, you must avoid writing the abstract of what you wrote in the statement and analysed in the analysis but you must refer what you found out of this theory! That s the part that many students lose marks.-Based on the conclusions, you will go to the introduction(In beginning) to write what you are going to describe and prove.-There must be related and coherent introduction, statement, analysis and conclusion!-Try use articles or reports from Natalya Sergeeva or John Kelsey from UCL Bartlett school as they are leaders of this module FEEDBACK OF THE PAPER I FAILED IN WINTER!-In this paper, I have failed in winter and I must resubmit it. I attach you the old one with my professor feedback and the lectures of my professor as well. According to her feedback, the changes include:-The statement of the problem is in the introduction andsection 2. In this part, the problem was not properlyintroduced to the reader, as there appears to be some mis-comprehension of the project brief. In the statementof the problem, we would like to see more informationon project leadership, project leadership competencies and process and a definition, or multiple definitions ofwhat project success means, but we want theseelements to be connected to the project brief. Basically,we need to see your understanding of the project briefand all the terms it includes. Then you connect this withthe leadership models that you choose from theliterature and focus on. As it stands most elements inthe statement of the problem appear not relevant towhat we are asking. For example the literature ondiverse project management styles, is not connectedwith the term paper brief and does not contributetowards the advancement of the paper.-The analysis is composed in section 3. Unfortunately,these sections do not contribute to an answer towardsthe project brief. Half of the theory presented appearsnot relevant to the project brief and the relevant partsappear confusing. The way in which section 3.2 iswritten, with a focus on programme achievement (Ipresume you mean project success here), makes itvery difficult to understand and connect with thequestion of the term paper. The key project processesare rarely discussed in the term paper. This isunfortunate as these are at the core of the term paperbrief.-The conclusions appear to be not connected with thepaper. They are not a summary of the paper, butgeneral information on leadership and leadershipstyles, with no contribution towards the term paper.This part is 20% of your mark so in the future invest more time in summarizing the information in the paper and highlighting your more interesting findings and connections. In this way, you will also demonstrate your critical thinking. In the end, you may add some recommendations for managers or literature.-Presentation-wise, there were numerous issues related to figure and table referencing and language. Firstly,the figures lack captions and are not cited properly. The tables are cited in an incorrect way, as the original author is not included in the caption, but rather the author of the paper where the table was found. In the reference list some references are listed by first and notby last name. Secondly, the language used. The lack of proper use of grammar and syntax made parts of this paper very difficult to read and very difficult to understand. Parts of this paper are written poetically and not as an academic or even an industry paper. In future essays, you need to focus on your English writing skills. This is imperative.There are also comments on professor feedback attached in additional materials