Project Life Cycle

Task 1 (40% marks) 800 words (+/- 10%)
Q1. List and explain the four (4) stages of Project Life Cycle, and discuss the importance of each
of them. (8 marks).
Q2. Describe
I. What is the scope of a project and why it is essential, and
II. How would you have defined the scope in Task 2; case study (AMEC Marine Construction) (Total 2×3=6 marks).
Q3. Using the tables below, (Project 1, 2, 3) plot out an AON project network for all three projects
and show:
I. Identification of critical path
II. Project duration (Total 2X3=6 marks)

Q4. Define the following cost appraisal methods and describe the benefits of each method
II. Payback and
III. IRR. (Total 3X2=6 marks)

Q5. Describe what is:
I. Risk and Risk management and
II. What are the five stages of the Risk Management process?(Total 2×3=6 marks).

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Q6 I. Outline and explain what a quality audit in Project management is?
II. What is a Project evaluation and why we are conducting one?
III. Explain what the purpose of monitor a project and
IV. What is Project control? (Total 4×2=8 marks).

Project 1
Tasks Precedence Time
A – 4 days
B A 6 days
C B 3 days
D B 6 days
E C 5 days
F C 4 days
G D 2days
H F 3 days
I G 5 days
J H 3 days
K I 4 days
L J,E,K 5 days

Project 2
Tasks Precedence Time
A – 3 days
B A 5 days
C A 3 days
D B 4 days
E D 5 days
F C 4 days
G D 2 days
H F 3 days

J H 6 days
K J,E 3 days
L K,G 6 days

Project 3
Tasks Precedence Time
A – 3 days
B A 6 days
C B 3 days
D B 4 days
E C 5 days
F C 4 days
G D 6 days
H F 3 days
j H 4 days
K G,E,J 2 days

Task 2: (60% marks) 2500 words (+/- 10%)
AMEC Marine Construction(AMEC) is an international marine construction company with Shipyards around the Globe specialising building specific marine projects for a variety of international clients. It was recently commissioned to construct an install an Offshore Oil and gas production platform for an international consortium.
The Project/program
To construct and installation of an Offshore Oil rig platform to the North Sea.
Two four-leg jackets one for the production platform and one for the Accommodation. One accommodation (Deck) platform for the crew quarters and offices with five levels.
One production (Deck) platform with four decks for the production equipment
Jackets: when both jackets structures have been completed skidded onto two barges and towed to the North Sea oil field location. Platforms: both platforms put onto barges and towed out to the jackets location.
The budget for the Project is US$ 550m, and the platform should be installed before the winter weather closed in on the area, therefore no later than 30th August 2024, and delivered for Operation no later than the end of September. After that day is an operational lost profit penalty of US$ 300,000 per day. Since the location of the oil field (North Sea) and the unique design demands of the Project, the construction should start at AMEC’s two shipyards on Newcastle upon Tyne, the starting day hasn’t been finalised yet but would be the first six months of 2021.The budget of the Project was estimated on the base that work needs to be done with a 24/7 workload framework, and commission both yards at the hole period of the Project. Also, all the main sub-contractors would be from the UK and Europe due to close links and contracts with the consortium.


The Project manager and the team
Melvin Black has been appointed as the Project manager. He is a 50-year-old project manager with 30 years’ experience in Marine engineering project management. Melvin appointed a full-time team of five managers and ten assistant managers (see Diagram below), which all of them had experience working on similar oil rig platform projects and co-ordinating relevant shipyard managers and staff.
Project/program team Structure




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