Project Management



Life Cycle Stages and Processes – Due: Week 14
This is the last part of the class project. In this part, you will need to tailor the life cycle stages and processes
discussed in class, and develop a specific life cycle model for your hospital to purchase and operate
anesthesia machines in the future. The deliverable for this stage is a Project Process Tailoring Report.
Following are the items which need to be discussed in this report.
A list of criteria that you will use to tailor the life cycle processes.
A list of life cycle stages with rationale.
A list of processes in each stage with rationale.
You may choose the name of a process. You will need to provide stakeholders who are involved and their
responsibilities in that process.
A life cycle diagram which include all the stages and processes listed above.
Describe how the systems engineering management processes discussion in Section II of this class align with
the life cycle model.
At least two SE management processes should be discussed. For example, one of the SE management
processes is Risk Management. You may talk about when the Risk Management process should start in the
anesthesia machines project, how it will affect the technical processes (for example, system requirement
development process)

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