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Shi, L & Singh, DA. Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach, 7th Edition.

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Elderly Care (Group 3) Final Paper & Project Document 

Term Paper [APA Style]: 

·  6 citations 

· 6 typed pages, double-spaced, 12-point TNR font 

Main body: 

System Resources

· Center for Medicare & Medicaid service 

· Geriatric specialists

· Longevity therapies

· Nursing & Assisted living Facilities

· Hospice

· Palliative therapy

· Vaccinations, Social workers, Memory Aids, Etc.

System Processes

· Post-age 65 Medicare Enrollment 

· Primary care& Aging specialists

· Health maintenance & Assisted living

· Palliative Care & Compassionate End-of

· Disease Prevention& Life Planning

System Outcome

Most Cortical: Increased Quality of life, longevity, and limited occurrence of disease.

– 6 Pages Minimum, 6 unique reference from bibliography minimum 

Note;; For reference please use all of reference in this homework..