ProjectMapping a Curriculum


The Curriculum Mapping Project (CM Project) is designed for you to apply your knowledge of the curriculum to professional practice. The CM Project is divided into 5 parts. Each part builds on the previous assignment. Once this project is completed, you will use this Project as the basis for your Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (ME Framework). The ME Framework will be completed near the end of the semester.

*CM Project 1: Develop map of an existing curriculum, either in K-12 or higher education. (50 points)
Step 1. Identify an existing or develop an academic curriculum and create a map that aligns the curriculum with student learning outcomes. An example of a Curriculum Map is provided for you in the module.

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At this juncture, you are only expected to identify Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). However, the courses that comprise the academic curriculum should be listed somewhere under “Where in the Curriculum is the SLO introduced to the student; does the student develop their skills to realize the SLO; and, is the student able to practice the skills necessary to satisfy the SLO?






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