Proposal for Event Planning System Install

For your final assignment, you will compose a comprehensive proposal for installing or upgrading a system used for the business you have been working with in weeks 2, 4, and 6 (PLEASE SEE ADDITIONAL MATERIALS ATTACHED). For this assignment, you will need to clarify that the business is a new business requiring the selection and implementation of new technology.

The writing will identify the nature and functions of the primary system as well as components or processes within or added to the system. Examine what organizational processes will be affected, the value created [benefit v. detriment], guest/user experience, and effect on security or necessary security protocols.

This is a culminating assignment so you will need to address elements from previous assignments and discussions in addition to elements reviewed in weeks 7 and 8. Necessary elements include system function and integration, information management, revenue management, customer relationship management, organizational management functions, future-proofing and outlook, and perceived usefulness/ease of use. You can use content from previous assignments in this class but frame the content within the purpose of this assignment, proposing and justifying selection rather than exploring options.

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Be sure to address each of the required elements completely, using logical reasoning backed up by valid academic resources.




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