Provide a diagram including all concepts. III. Origins of the theory

heory of the Nursing Process Discipline
Orlandos theory was developed in the late 1950s from observations she recorded between a nurse and patient. Despite her efforts she was only able to categorize the records as good or bad nursing. It then dawned on her that both the formulations for good and bad nursing were contained in the records. From these observations she formulated the deliberative nursing process. The role of the nurse is to find out and meet the patients immediate need for help. The patients presenting behaviour may be a plea for help however the help needed may not be what it appears to be. Therefore nurses need to use their perception thoughts about the perception or the feeling engendered from their thoughts to explore with patients the meaning of their behaviour. This process helps the nurse find out the nature of the distress and what help the patient needs. Orlandos theory remains one the of the most effective practice theories available.
Guidelines and heading of the term paper:
I Meaning
Describe the main ideas of the theory
II. Diagram
Provide a diagram including all concepts.
III. Origins of the theory
Theorist motivation in making the theory
IV. Metaparadigm
Understanding of the metaparadigm applied in the theory
V. Usefulness
Provide a concrete example where the theory has been utilized
VI. Testability:
Does the theory been tested? Cite specific examples to support.
VII. Overall Evaluation
Provide strength weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis
VIII. Application
How the theory lead into action
Significance of the theory to nursing practice nursing education and nursing administration
Time value (when is this theory be utilized?)
IX. Summary/Conclusion
X. References/Bibliography
My coursework will explain and criticize (Orlandos theory) and discuss these points:
The introduction and analysis of Orlandos nursing theory
Major assumptions
The dynamic nurse-patient relationship: Function process and principles.
5 Stages of the Deliberative Nursing Process
The nursing metaparadigm (concepts): Orlando only included three in her theory of Nursing Process Discipline: person health and nursing.
The discipline and teaching of nursing process
Action process of nurse administrators to problematic situations based on Orlandos theory
Follow the guidelines of the term paper
Parker M. E.Nursing theories and Nursing Practice. F.A. Davis Company. Philadelphia
+ at least 15 references