Provide critical discussion on each of the following materials based on critical consciousness requirement in the word document below


1. Harro: Cycle of civilization (see the attachment)

200 words

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2. Microaggression

200 words

3.  Myers Briggs Assessment for Multiple Identities Project

50 words

4.  Lorde, There Is No Hierarchy of Oppression (in the attached document)

300 words

5.  Video: The DNA Journey

200 words

6.  Video: The Complexity of Identity: Who Am I?

150 words

7.  Video: The Bad Samaritan

200 words

8.  Video: The Story of Miep Gies

150 words

9.  Video: Tour of the Secret Annex

100 words

1,600 words

at least 8 sources cited using APA 

at least