Provide your Workflow Analysis Diagrams as identified in above in Workflow Before and After Diagrams Assignment -Provide a Time Line for Implementation of your Innovation

Final Project
(please insert pictures/cartoons/charts/diagrams to make it stand-out, presentable, attractive, creative, good powerpoint presentation)
Each student is required to create a Power Point presentation, and narrate the slides using the Screencast-O-Matic tool. (In case you are able to do the Screencast-O-Matic tool, I am a 29 years old female, please keep in mind of a youthful tone please, thank you. You do not have to pronounce my last name. I am an RN working at a Nursing home and Short term stay rehab) The presentation should address the background issue/problem (problem is how we rely so much on modern technology “electronic health record EMAR/TAR) , neglecting hard copies for back up, and forgetting electronic system could crash/not back-up routinely), the basic of the tech innovation and why it will solve the issue/problem, and demonstrate a brief implementation plan including a Time Line and Change Theory of choice (specific below in rubric). Students will then post their Screencast-O-Matic presentation on the discussion board area indicated “Final Project” for other students to view. Students will review each others Project, and post appropriate questions and comments to each other. Everyone is responsible for posting replies to student’s postings/questions/comments on their project.
Each presentation should contain a title slide with the title of the presentation and author’s name. Each PowerPoint should include a reference page. All references should be listed in APA format at the end of the presentation More information about Screencast-O-Matic and how to access and utilize this tool under the Final Project tab.
Description of the problem or informatics need/issue related to a routine healthcare/health system procedure, relevance of the selected issue and supporting argument (Background – Health Topic)
Identification of the potential change or modification (technological innovation) that would improve that system (improve efficiency, accuracy, safety, control costs, etc) – Assessment
Implementation: Including Workflow Analysis, Timeline, and Change Theory
Content: thorough research, depth of exploration of issue, creative approach to addressing topic selected
Adherence to APA style, use of appropriate references
Professional Presentation – this includes the ability to narrate the presentation utilizing the Screencast-O-Matic tool and your ability to creatively use PowerPoint. Remember this presentation would be something you would present professionally.
Discussion Board Participation
Final Project (25% of total grade)

This was a three step Assignment. Below you will see the first 2 steps requirement which I have already completed. The only thing to do is putting everything together as a powerpoint presentation for the Final Project. (Part 3)

Final PowerPoint Project (27.5% Total – THREE PARTS):

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In this assignment, students will examine a selected aspect from their practice that may benefit from the Implementation of a selected technological innovation.

Detailed information for all of the following can be found under “Final Project.”

Students will be graded on their knowledge of the background issue, the tech innovation, their implementation plan, the change theory application, the before and after workflow analysis diagrams and the PowerPoint skills (including the ability to narrate and “impaticize”), and their critique of other students‟ work.

Part 1: Select an issue or problem within their work environment that is troublesome and could be improved.
Part 2: Once the issue or problem has been approved, the student will then select a technological innovation to improve the issue or problem approved in Part I of the Project. The technological innovation should also be described and information should be provided to support why this would be the best solution to improve the problem
Part 3: Develop a PowerPoint Presentation that addresses:
-Background issue/problem as identified in Project Part I
-Basics of the tech innovation and why it will solve the issue/problem as identified in Project Part II
-Demonstrates a brief implementation plan
-Provide your Workflow Analysis Diagrams as identified in above in Workflow Before and After Diagrams Assignment
-Provide a Time Line for Implementation of your Innovation
Identify a Change Theory of choice that will be used to describe how the change will be implemented.
This must be narrated and “impaticized,” then posted to the Discussion Board. Students will discuss and “evaluate” each other’s project: Project Part 3 – Module 7 – Final Project PowerPoint – (25%)