PSY7710 ACTIVITY 1Ethical Elements 4 and 5In this unit, we look at Ethical Ele

Ethical Elements 4 and 5
In this unit, we look at Ethical Elements 4 and 5. Choose one of the three scenarios below and answer the following (please put in the subject line which scenario you are discussing):
Describe how you would handle the scenario.
Discuss how the scenario meets or violates the specific ethics code(s).
Scenario 1:
A BCBA works with a mother who homeschools her child. The child is a 6-year-old boy with autism. The BCBA has done a functional assessment and has identified the controlling variables for the child’s target behavior. In the opinion of the BCBA, the best data collection system for gathering baseline data would require daily entries by the mother. A data-collection system has been designed that is easy to understand and score; however, the mother does not take the data despite the BCBA’s best attempts to prompt and reinforce her. This child really needs help, but with no data it will be hard to provide treatment. Should the BCBA terminate services (Bailey & Burch, 2016, p. 341)?
For this discussion, write and submit a statement describing the behavior you intend to research. Your instructor will review your statement and either approve your selected topic or consult with you to help you select another.
You must describe a target behavior that has a foundation of research in ABA SSD. Be sure to select a topic that has a foundation of research sufficient to provide you with a minimum of five recent journal articles in the assignment in Unit 10.
Then, search through the ABA literature and locate one study that is on your chosen topic for the Unit 10 assignment. Summarize the study using the criteria for the assignment.
Describe subjects and settings.
Describe the design and discuss internal, external, and social validity.
Describe the treatments and identify strengths and limitations of the treatments.
Provide an overall conclusion and discuss potential areas for future research.
Provide a visual analysis of the results of the graph, utilizing the terms trend, variability, stability, and level.