Public Sector Decision Making


STEP 1: Respond to the following prompt in a post between 300 and 400 words:
Please introduce yourself. This part of the activity provides a general introduction into how we encounter
everyday decision-making situations; and allows you an opportunity to reflect on your personal decisionmaking style. Listen carefully to each part of the TED Radio Hour feature “Decisions Decisions Decisions”
presented below. You may wish to make notes as you go through each segment. Also, only describe aspects
of your life that you are comfortable sharing with the entire class, as this information will be presented in an
open forum.
After listening, provide well-reasoned answers to the following questions:
Which of the segments resonated most with you? Why?
Choose another segment – different from the one that most resonated with you. Which of the four heuristic
types described in the text does the segment help illustrate? Cite references from the presentation in
explaining your answer.


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