Public Sector Leader

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This assignment as two options:

A) Public Sector Leader in the news, or B) Interview a Leader.
These two options are described below.

A) Public Sector Leader in the News Essay

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You will select a leader in the public sector that has an interview, or series of interviews online, e.g. you tube, c-span website, or using other forms of evidence such as articles written about the leader. You will analyze the statements that the leader makes during the interview. This could also be a press conference or a public meeting, or a speech.

1) Identify a video of a particular speech, interview, etc. that the leader has online.

2) Analyze the content of the video for evidence of support or lack of support for ideas in the course.

3) Write a four page essay explaining your analysis.

or B) Interview a Public Sector Leader Essay

You will select a public sector leader that you can meet face-to-face, including video conference, to interview for your paper.

You will first write an invitation email to your leader, in order to establish a time to meet for the interview. Please, use proper email etiquette. Also, you may decide to attach a formal request letter with your signature. Using formal etiquette like this will enhance your chances of the person agreeing to an interview.
Using a questionnaire that you create before the interview. Ask questions about their work and motivation and how they lead from day-to-day.
Write an essay based on your analysis of their interview responses.
Format of Essay

For both options: Draw upon class materials for your essay, and incorporate vocabulary and ideas from the course material. Explain how the leader embodies or violates the theories of leadership that we have examined in the course. All papers should be double-spaced, four pages, typed in 12-point font, with 1-inch margins. There is no title page. Place your name, the date, the class number and semester, and the title of the paper at the top of the first page in single spaced text. You must use proper APA referencing style for in-text citations and bibliography. All papers will be run through Turnitin for a plagiarism check. Cases of plagiarism result in automatic failure and referral of the plagiarizer to the university’s integrity unit. I strongly suggest everyone consult with the writing center on improving the quality of their essay.