Assignment: Grant Proposal Research Paper (50 points) Students will identify an evidence based practice or intervention model and write a research paper, formatted as if you are seeking funding or proposing adoption of this evidence based model at your agency or in your community. The paper will be constructed following the grant proposal format used by the national Foundation Center (Note: the Foundation Center link can be found on Canvas, which will take you to the proposal writing tutorial. It is highly recommended that you review this tutorial thoroughly before beginning this assignment).

The paper will include the following: • 1 page: Cover Sheet • 1 page: Executive Summary • 2 pages: Statement of Need – this will require research and a brief literature review to adequately document the problem you are trying to address and establish the rationale for the program model you are proposing. For example, what does the research say about the effectiveness of your model in addressing the problem you have identified? Is this an evidence-based practice model? Why is this the best option? • 3 pages: Project Description: This section is the “meat and potatoes” of your proposal and should include the following subsections: o Goals and Objectives o Methods (how the program model will work and be implemented, including timetable) o Staffing and administrative needs o Plan for evaluating results • 1 page: Budget and budget narrative • 2 paragraphs: Conclusion • Required Attachment: Reference page • Optional Attachment: Logic Model All in-text citations and references at the end of the paper should follow APA format. Use page numbers and subheadings. Evaluation of the paper will be based on: 20 points: The depth and insight of your research and analysis, 20 points: The clarity and feasibility of the proposal as described, and 10 points: The organization, format and overall quality of the resulting proposal. 1 EC point: Logic Model attachment

1. Cover Sheet

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2. Executive Summary

3. Problem/Needs Statement

4. Project Description

· Goals & Objectives

· Methodology Walk the reader through your project

· Describe the activities as they relate to the goals & objectives

· Develop a time line

· How will the program operate?

· What specific activities are needed to meet objectives

· Brief Work Plan

· Timetable

· Staffing

· Evaluation Plan

· How will the activities be conducted?

· When?

· How long?

· By Whom?

· Where?

· Describe the personnel you will need and the experience/credentials required for the project

· What will they be doing?

5. Budget & Narrative


7.Reference Page

Executive Summary

· Write this last (when you actually have something to summarize)

· Include:

· Brief description of applicant (who’s asking for the money)

· Definition of problem to be solved

· Statement of objectives/benefit to be achieved

· Outline of activities

· Statement of cost (how much are you asking for)

Statement of Need – clarifies rationale for proposal

· Prove that problem exists

· Show that problem is not being addressed

· Justify the proposed solution

· Explain why your solution is the best one

· Use evidence (studies, theory, research, statistics, etc.) to support your assertions

Key Elements of the Project Description

· Goals – purpose, expected accomplishment

· Qualitative

· Abstract

· Long-term

· Objectives – measureable results – the what

· Quantitative

· Specific

· Short-term

· Method – key components of program model and timeline (how does program work?)

· Staffing needs

· Evaluation plan

· Formative evaluation of objectives

· Process: how the project will be evaluated as it progresses toward implementation (i.e., did everything go as planned?)

· Summative evaluation of objectives

· Outcomes: how the project will be evaluated when it is fully implemented (i.e., did it achieve the goals you were striving for?)


· Answer the question of

· who is going to do what,

· when they will do it, and

· how it will be measured.

· Discuss desired end results of the project.

· Are action oriented and often begin with a verb.

· Direct: Costs that can be identified specifically with a particular project, or that can be directly assigned to such project relatively easily with a high degree of accuracy.

· Benefits the project directly and exclusively

· Staff, supplies, etc.

· Indirect: Costs that are incurred for common or joint objectives, and, can’t be connected exclusively to a particular project.

· Benefits the whole organization