Race and Ethnicity in Sociology



Using concepts from the chapter on Race and Ethnicity in Sociology in Our Times by Diana Kendall 8th Edition
and one theoretical perspective to examine the findings presented in the films The House We Live In: Race –
The Power of an Illusion (Links to an external site.), “Niggers, Niggas, & Niggaz” by Julian Curry, and
“Skinhead” by Patricia Smith, evaluate the ways in which the concepts described in each chapter are evident in
daily life.
Explain the ways in which these video drive the idea that race Is socially constructed.
Explain the impact that the cultural beliefs surrounding race have on social institutions and groups.
Your response must include concepts from the chapter on “Race and Ethnicity” in your textbook and at least
one theoretical perspective (Conflict, Functionalist or Symbolic Interactionist) in addition to the concepts
described in the assigned films to answer the forum discussion question.

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