Reaction report – alternative assessment


Reaction report – alternative assessment(teaching students with cognitive, intellectual, emotional, or behavioral
disabilities, IDEA). PAPER 11/8/2020
a. Each student is required to complete one reaction report. The reaction report will critique two (2) articles on
the topic of alternative assessment (e.g., performance-based assessment, informal tests, portfolio assessment,
curriculum-based assessment, etc.)
The articles will be chosen by the student. Articles may be chosen from a variety of scholarly journals or
chapters from books. Papers are to be 4 or 5 pages in length and include: Summary statement about the
This would be similar to a one-paragraph abstract found in most scholarly journals A reaction to the content of
the articles. This should focus on your reaction to the articles and the impact on you and the profession. A
more scholarly response of comparing the articles’ content with that of other expert opinion is perfectly
acceptable. Standard Mechanics
b. College-level narrative writing, reference list including test and reviews found. APA style, paper format.


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