Read chapter 8 and 9 of Communication Pathways by Valenzano

Read chapter 8 and 9 of Communication Pathways by Valenzano, Broeckleman-Post & Parcell. and watch a romantic film called He’s Just Not that into you and select 1 romantic relationship from the film to analyze. Briefly describe who the couple is/what stage they are in at the start of the film. Are they strangers? Are they already in a relationship? Spend 2-3 pages deconstructing their relationship according to some of the concepts found in chapters 8 and 9 of the book mentioned above. In your conclusion paragraph, I would like you to make some predictions for the couple (based up on the behaviors in chapter 9 that maintain or undermine relationships) as to what would /could happen in the future? Make sure to refer to specific concepts/ideas from the text book (and evidence from the film) to support your predictions. In other words, your predictions need to make sense based on what we know about the characters and what we know about how relationships operate. Details: Margins: 1 standard all around, left justified ( not both or centered) Font: size 12 Citation style: MLA (intent and works cited are required) You should only have 2 sources in your works cited page the book and the film Use intext citations citations/parenthetical citations when using the ideas of the textbook authors or quoting something specifically from the film. Do not spend more than a paragraph summarizing who the characters are. Do not summarize the film as a whole.