Real world applicationCost management and cost.



Textbook Readings:
Blocher, E. J., Stout, D. E., Juras, P. E., & Smith, S. (2019). Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis (8th ed.).
McGraw Hill Education. Blocher et al.: chs. 1, 2, 4, 5, & 6
Overview: This assignment provides an opportunity to utilize knowledge of cost management tools and cost
systems by applying a specific cost technique / concept to a selected organization. Combine knowledge
obtained from the textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles, in applying the selected technique / concept to the
organization and showing how it improves / impacts the organizations strategic allocation of financial
Instructions: Select 1 of the 2 techniques/concepts and develop a real-world application paper. Select a
company that you work for now or have worked for in the past, or a company in your community of which you
have sufficient knowledge. Show how the selected technique/concept would be applied to that particular
business in its strategic allocation of financial resources. The paper must be in current APA format and must
include references from at least 7 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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