refection based on the video

– write about 400 words refection based on the video
– Having reflected on the video, write a blog post (350-400 words, not including references) on the topic of sensory science as, yet another, approach to science education in the early years. Try and integrate your responses to the reflection prompts into a single narrative themed to your own ideas, rather than a series of questions and answers.
– The reflection and writing you do in this post is designed to help you consider the role of the senses and multimodal literacy for your final lab, assigned next week. Your post does not need to be written like an essay but it should be thoughtful, ‘critical.’
reflection prompts:
How would you respond to the following reflection prompts?
Consider the multimodal symbols (i.e., pictures of fruits, animals, etc) used in the video to represent different smells and flavours. How might you use representations, such as photos or drawings, rather than words, to help children communicate their perceptions?
How might a ‘smelly’ (or ‘tasty’) science component be integrated across different science strands, such as plant biology, chemistry or even physics (hint: you already viewed a few examples in module 5!)?
How can you guide children to use their senses of smell, taste and touch in combination with their visual and auditory perception to classify or group different materials or substances?
Throughout the video, we see samples of food for sensory evaluation. What kinds of safety considerations would you have to think about to plan a ‘sensory science’ activity involving smell and taste?
What sorts of ‘ecological’ conditions would be useful, if not necessary, for activities involving smell and taste (hint: what sorts of environmental conditions make it hard to smell things, what sort of environment is suited to the use of smelly materials?).