REFLECTING ON YOUR READING For this essay, you will: Analyze rhetorical and narrative elements in nonfiction and fiction texts. Reflect on the reading and writing completed throughout the semester. Practice writing with academic style and presenting compelling evidence/support. Reference ideas and rhetorical features from assigned texts. Express a thesis that results from your summary, analysis, and reflection. Assigned readings: The Order of Things by Malcolm Gladwell Why How We Read Trumps What We Read by Gerald Graff Bloodchild by Octavia Butler The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin Optional supplements: UNF Guide to Writing Mr. McElroy’s “Lectures” Assignment Description: Build on your rhetorical reading notes and summaries in order to write this short essay. Reflect on what our four assigned texts have in common despite their major differences. From that reflection, develop an arguable thesis that you will support in order to convince your reader (me). In other words, describe a common theme and use text-based evidence as well as your own reasoning in order to explain how that common theme is addressed within the drastically different formats and contexts. Minimum Guidelines for Completion Completes the project per the Assignment Description Presents a minimum of 750 words of polished writing across all parts of the project Uses MLA documentation style (in-text citations, Works Cited, Times New Roman 12, double-spaced) .doc or .pdf ONLY; NO Pages or GoogleDocs


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