Reflection on leadership



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Read Northouse Ch. 5

Read Northouse Ch. 6

Read Komives & Wagner Ch. 3


Please answer ALL the following questions based on the content from Modules 4 & 5. *Note: “content” refers to any of the following: lecture videos, readings, podcasts, articles etc.

Helpful hints. I would like to see more personal reflections based on the content. Towards the end you address this, but for much of the reflection I felt like it was more of a summary/analysis than a reflection. Moving forward, please make sure you answer all of the reflection prompts to help with this.

What emotions did you experience while learning the content ?

What truths, or confirming ideas, surfaced for you?

What was the most impactful surprise?

What are you most curious about now?

What are you discovering about yourself through this week’s content and from your experience with our country’s current tensions?

What you need to submit:

Word document (12 pt. font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 500-750 words) APA citing.







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