9-1 How is a contract generally defined?

9-2 Explain the distinction between a void and a voidable contract; between an executed and an executory contract; between a unilateral and a bilateral contract.

9-3 Describe the three requirements for a valid acceptance.

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9-4 Describe the three requirements for a valid offer.

9-5 Explain how an offer can be terminated.

10-4 Explain what is meant by the “rescission” of a contract.

10-5 Why should a party who has not breached a contract be required to mitigate the damages of the breaching party?

10-6 What are some provisions that should be included in e-contracts?

11-3 Define an assault and a battery, and explain how the two are related.

11-4 Explain why it is harder to win a defamation action if you are a public figure.

11-5 Explain the relationship between trespass to personalty and conversion.