Research an historical event (Invasion of Waikato) or place of significance to New Zealanders, using primary and secondary sources


Task: Research an historical event (Invasion of Waikato) or place of significance to New Zealanders, using primary and secondary sources

Requirements (each source)
1. Selected sufficient relevant historical evidence from both primary and secondary sources to enable comprehensive analysis of a historical place or event.
2. Produced annotations that identify the relevance, and assess the comparative usefulness, of the selected evidence in terms of the focusing question(s) being investigated.
3Produced annotated comments that include assessment of the reliability of selected evidence.
4. Organised the evidence collected recording the details of the sources of selected evidence.
5. Explained the successes and difficulties encountered in conducting the research.
6. Explained how the line of inquiry may have changed as evidence was accumulated.
7. Identified the issues to consider for future inquiries.
8. Shown initiative in the gathering and selecting of relevant evidence, for example persevering with relevant evidence that is difficult to read or written in a style that is difficult to understand, accessing and using sources that are not readily available.
9. Analysed the strength(s) and weakness(es) of the process.Analysed how these strength(s) and weakness(es) were likely to impact on the validity of the findings. Considered alternative research steps and/or line(s) of inquiry and/or methods, and their implications.

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Include a bibliography of all sources used.
Provide the title of the source.
Identify whether the source is primary or secondary.
Accurately record the details of the source using bibliographic conventions*.
Identify relevant evidence by highlighting it in the relevant colour of each focus question.
Provide annotations for highlighted evidence. These should be perceptive with appropriate descriptive comments, or link the evidence to the relevant focus questions.
Provide insightful, evaluative comments assessing the reliability and/or usefulness of the source.

Focus Questions
1. What were Governor Sir George Gray motives towards the Invasion of Waikato? Why are they contentious?
2. How significantly did the Waikato War influence Maori differently in comparison to Pakeha and how did it affect the relationship between the two?
3. Why and How is the Invasion of Waikato considered the most significant battle of the New Zealand Wars?
4. To what extent, have historians perspectives altered overtime around the Invasion of Waikato?