Research information

Project 1

Research information in order to prepare a report for this task, using a variety of sources to gather information.

Sources you use may include: training resources, workplace policies and procedures, government and industry bodies, REIV learner guides and the Internet.

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You must prepare a 1500 word written response to each point, which can be supported by example documentation as required.

You must include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

You must use paragraphs in the body of your report to address each topic below.

You must NOT use dot points.

You must cover the following topics:

a) Demonstrate an understanding of real estate agency structure and personnel:
– Identify the various business ownership options and services offered by real estate agencies.
– Summarise the roles and responsibilities of FOUR (4) types of staff: Administration, Estate Agents and Agent’s Representatives and Management.
-Include legislative requirements for each staff role above and refer to each relevant section of the Act.

b) Demonstrate understanding of the relevant Victorian legislation relating to regulation of the real estate industry:
– Identify at least FIVE (5) legislation in Victoria relating to regulation of the real estate industry, including property sales and management.
– Explain how agencies can source and access legislation.

c) Demonstrate adequate understanding of the legislation relating to ethics and professional conduct of estate agents and agents’ representatives:
-Name the Act and Regulation in Victoria relating to ethics and professional conduct of estate agents and agent’s representatives.
-Discuss the objective of the regulation.
-Determine what the obligations are in this legislation (what the agent must abide by).

d) Develop appropriate strategies for the implementation, monitoring and review of client service standards.
Outline ONE (1) strategy for the implementation, monitoring and review of client service standards.

e) Develop appropriate strategies for identifying and assessing risks.
-Outline ONE (1) strategy for identifying and assessing risks in the sale of property.
-Identify THREE (3) risks associated with advising clients on property management options.
-Outline THREE (3) strategies to address the risks you identified for property management options above.

Report example made for this specifically as below:

Please upload your responses as a Word document entitled “AG 1 – Project 1 – [Your Name] using the upload button shown.

Project 2

Complete the rating scale table provided to undertake a self-assessment of your skills and knowledge as required to work in the real estate industry.

Identify ways to improve on the strengths and weaknesses identified.

You must complete each skill/knowledge area with a rating.

You must include an improvement you can make for each area (even if you have scored yourself a 4).

Note: you may have transferrable skills from other industries and experience which can be reflected in your self-assessment.

Click here to download the Professional Development Rating Table.