Research project | Article writing homework help

This week students will write a first draft of the body of their research project in proper APA format.

NB:  click on the links to view a sample first draft, Student 1st draft. 

 It is easier to write an introduction that is tailored to the main ideas in the body of your paper, therefore students will write the remainder of the paper in week 6.  

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This week’s submission of the body (minimum 5 pages plus Title page) should be double spaced, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and adhere to the following APA guidelines:

  • Running head on title page
  • Headers on each page
  • Page numbers
  • Level 1 headings (usually corresponds to the sections from your outline).
  • Proper in-text citation AND direct quotations to avoid plagiarism.

Please read ALL the textbook material, lecture notes, and view the videos PRIOR to writing the first draft  AND submit your assignment as a MS Word file to this dropbox by 5PM (EST) on FRIDAY 11/27