Review the section in Chapter 17 on Black Codes discussion

This is a paper that requires the student to review the section in Chapter 17 on Black Codes discussion. The paper also provides additional instructions to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below are the instructions to use review before starting the assignment:

Review the section in Chapter 17 on Black Codes discussion


President Lincoln’s goal for reconstruction remained linked to his goal in the war-preserve the Union. His plan favored leniency, in order to as quickly as possible reintegrate the south, and gain the support of Southern Unionists (mostly former Whigs). Radical Republicans urged a much harsher course, believing that the south was unrepentant and should bear the costs of Reconstruction.

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In order to prepare you must complete the following readings:

Review the section in Chapter 17 which discusses the Black Codes, and the linked document, taken from the writings of  William A. Dunning  .

Review the relevant sections of Chapter 18: The Southern Burden and Life in the New South.

Review and identify relevant information on the linked PBS American Experience site, Reconstruction The Second Civil War

Utilize at least one of the linked sources to support your discussion.

Identify and incorporate at least one additional outside source to support your discussion. In addition to the textbook, you may use any material outside of the textbook

that is recommended in the Additional Reading section at the end of each chapter. You are also encouraged to do your own research and identify relevant sources. Please keep in mind that WIKIPEDIA is not an acceptable reference.


Write a well-organized essay, a minimum of 700 words (but not limited to), including supporting details from the documents/textbook/other sources in which you analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned by addressing the following question:

1.)  In your opinion, were the Radical Republicans correct in their assumptions regarding the South, or could Lincoln’s approach have paved the way for a continuation of the political, social, and economic gains that African Americans had achieved during reconstruction? Support your argument(s) including information from assigned and linked readings

PBS link address:


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