Samuel Moyn and Sarah Churchwell readings on historical comparison

This is a paper that is requiring the student to discuss Samuel Moyn and Sarah Churchwell readings on historical comparison. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the description for the assessment:

Samuel Moyn and Sarah Churchwell readings on historical comparison

Caitlin Rosenthal, “How Slavery Inspired Modern Business Management” Boston Review (2018)
“Organization of Work in the Industrial Age”, Encyclopedia Britannica.
“Scramble for Africa,” Wikipedia
George Washington Williams, “Open Letter to King Leopold” (1890)
Erez Manela, Empire, 1914-1918 Online: International Encyclopedia of the First War

Caitlin Rosenthal, in “How Slavery Inspired Modern Business Management”, argues that the extractive techniques used in mass production have a longer history. Rosenthal writes, “In a sense, scientific management replicated slavery’s extractive techniques while jettisoning the institution itself.” We have discussed extraction (of labor and raw materials) as part of our New Imperialism unit. In what ways does it make sense to compare mass production to New Imperialism? Or should we treat each of these things – colonialism and mass production – as separate historical developments?

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Consider the following:
Firstly, as you are thinking about the possibilities and pitfalls of comparison, you might look at the Samuel Moyn and Sarah Churchwell readings in Unit 4, for arguments for and against historical comparison.
Secondly, using examples from the sources, explore the ways industrialized modes of production to violence and extraction.
Thirdly, in what ways was mass production “extractive?”
Fourthly, in what ways does Rosenthal connect the history of mass production to the history of plantation slavery? What techniques does Rosenthal identify, which were carried forward from enslavement to modern mass production?
Also, given what you know about New Imperialism, could a similar argument be made connecting mass production and colonization?
Lastly, in what ways might we connect mass production to the extractive economy of New Imperialism? In what ways do the histories of mass production and colonialism differ or diverge?


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