Scanning Plan


You have just completed your reconnaissance plan describing how you would gather information on
Haverbrook Investment Group. Now you will continue your Penetration Test Proposal by submitting your plans
for scanning the target systems.
In this phase, you know you have to execute more specific scanning methodologies to identify targets of
opportunity and vulnerabilities to be exploited.
As a pen tester, you are going to continue to scan for vulnerabilities, test for open ports, and check for live
systems. You know a few ways to do this, including performing IP sweeps, which might include protocols such
as ICMP, UDP, and TCP, or using techniques such as banner grabbing or OS fingerprinting.
Ultimately, you know that to exploit Haverbrook’s systems, you need a structured and ordered approach.
Outline and discuss specific use cases to discover and enumerate information that could be used for potential
exploitation. Some examples of information that you are gathering from Haverbrook Investment Group’s
systems are usernames, machine names, shares, and services from a system. Identify any software,
applications, or scripts that will be needed and provide a description of how this software will be used to gather
information about Haverbrook’s systems.
As you are developing the Scanning Plan, keep these questions in mind:
How would you detect active systems?
How would you determine the best attack vector you wish to exploit?
How would you prioritize different targets of opportunity?
What tools would you be using for scanning and enumeration of systems and vulnerabilities?
identify any needed software and provide a description of how it will be used to gather information
about the systems


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