Scenario You are employed by Pacific IT Solutions as a solutions integrator. Your job description is to implement IT solutions and provide customer support. One of your long-time customers, Western Mining, has their head office in Sydney and is opening a branch office in Brisbane. You have been contracted to setup the network. A meeting has been held to start the project.


You are employed by Pacific IT Solutions as a solutions integrator. Your job description is to implement IT solutions and provide customer support.

One of your long-time customers, Western Mining, has their head office in Sydney and is opening a branch office in Brisbane. You have been contracted to setup the network.

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A meeting has been held to start the project. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

Meeting Minutes

Meeting: Branch Office Network Initiation Meeting

Venue: Western Mining Head Office


JTK James T. Kirk, Manger, Western Mining

DT Deana Troy, Senior Systems Architect, Western Mining

JC Jack Crusher, Branch Office Manager, Western Mining

You IT Consultant, Pacific IT Solutions Pty. Ltd.

General welcome and introductions.
JTK – The new branch office will have only a small number of staff to begin with but as new projects come on line the number of staff could greatly increase .

DT – The facility will be provisioned for the number of staff we have now but the network design should allow for up to 510 staff per department.
You – How many department will there be?
JTK – 4, Sales, Operations, Management, and Exploration.
·DT – We have some specific security requirements. The management department’s server must not be accessible from the other 3 departments but the management department’s staff must have full access to the other 3 department’s networks. All hosts, including all servers, require internet access.

You – what type of service will you use to connect the offices?
DT – We have an E1 service with Telstra at the head office. We are getting one for the branch office as well. This will be OK for now but it is expensive so we are looking for cheaper and faster options. By the way we plan to install a non cisco router at the head office end of the link in a few months.
You – The NBN will be rolled out in the area soon. We can look at other options when that happens. I have made a note of the non Cisco router. Do you have an IP addressing scheme I need to follow?
DT – The head office uses the network for its private addresses. Head office requires you to use the network for private addresses.
JC – I have a quote from the sparkies for power and data. You will need to check it to make sure the data cabling they are planning to install is suitable for our requirements.
You – OK I will check that and get back to you.

JTK – I want you to submit a network design proposal with a fully costed bill of materials and a network diagram.
You – OK I will forward that to you.
JTK – No forward it to Deana, she will be signing off on that.

You – OK. Deana do you have any specific requirements?

DT – Yes. You should use one Cisco 2811 router and 2960 switches in the initial design. Head office requires a remote login to the switches and router. IP address should be assigned dynamically. We need 48 PC’s and 1 server per department. You will need to supply the cables and connectors as required. You will be configuring both ends of the WAN link. We will run OSPF across the link.
JTK – Once Deana signs off you can proceed. You will need to coordinate everything with Jack.

DT – Just one last thing, after this installation is complete we plan to put in a wireless network so I will get you to do a wireless site survey while you are there.

You – OK. I have all that noted. You will be getting my proposal shortly.
You are provided with the following:

1. Packet Tracer software

2. The following documents:

a)Catalyst 2960 Switch Getting Started Guide.pdf

b)Cisco 2800 Series Routers Quick Start Guide.pdf

c)Cisco 2800 Series Safety Information.pdf

d)Electrical and Data Quote.docx

e)How to_ Conduct a Wireless Site Survey.pdf

Assessment tasks:

Task 1

Write a detailed description of the client’s requirements

Task 2

Write a detailed description of the network you will provide including security and WAN functionality

Task 3

Create a fully costed bill of materials for your submission to Western Mining. Create a second copy for your own use and include the vendor for each item.

Task 4

Document the IP addressing scheme and device naming scheme. Explain why it is important to document this kind of network information.

Task 5

Create a work breakdown for the network installation and implementation.Include contingency plans in case the required network equipment is not available.What other equipment could you use to do the job?

Task 6

Refer to the manufacturer’s handbooks for the Cisco 2811 router and 2690 switch.List the potential safety hazards and recommended precautions associated with these devices.

Task 7

Evaluate the power and data quote provided and draft your response to the branch office manager.

Task 8

Draft an email for your network design submission to the appropriate person. List the attachments.

Task 9

Your submission is approved.Draft an email to the branch office manager to coordinate the network installation.

Task 10

Build and configure the network using Packet Tracer. You need only demonstrate one server and two PC’s per department.

Task 11

Test the network to ensure required functionality. Create a table with a list of the network functionality requirements and the validation checks and diagnostic tests you performed, and test results.

Task 12

Draft an email to the branch office manager requesting sign off for the completed network installation.

Task 13

You learn that the NBN has been rolled out in the Western Mining head office and branch office areas .Draft your recommendation to the Senior Systems Architect for a secure high speed WAN link. Explain how this could be implemented in the most cost effective way. Identify security issues and say how they will be addressed. List the advantages and costs of your recommendation.

Task 14

Create a second version of the network with the NBN WAN connection. You only need to show the branch network connection to the ISP with NAT enabled. (Be sure to save your original Packet Tracer file as your_name_ccna2 – 1).

Task 15

List the steps required to conduct a wireless site survey.

Submission requirements

1. MS Word document or pdf with the written answers for all questions requiring written answers.

2.Packet Tracer data file with file name [your_name_ccna2 – 1] and [your_name_ccna2 – 2]. Each network component must be given a descriptive name.

3.Excel spreadsheet with bill of materials with individual and total cost.

4.Excel spreadsheet with step by step list of tasks you will perform beginning with design and finishing with handover of a functioning network to specifications. Include user name and password details.

5.Functioning network built to specification in Packet Tracer

6.Excel spreadsheet with list of tests that you performed to check correct function and configuration of the network, and the results of those tests.