Scientific Research Study



In a 4-5 page paper (not including title page or references), you will analyze and evaluate the research found in
a recent (within 5 years) scientific study.
A. Analysis and Evaluation of a Research Study
a. a summary of the type of research, experiment, scientific information or data the scientists
conducted or collected.
i. Describe each experiments that was performed
ii. Discuss the conclusions drawn from each experiment
iii. Examine the reason each experiment was performed. What question did each
experiment answer?
b. an analysis of how the scientists conducted the study or experiment, or collected the data.
Include the following in your analysis:
i. How large or complete was the study?
ii. How much data did they collect?
iii. Over what period of time did they collect it?
iv. Where was the study conducted?
v. Who or what was the focus of the study (e.g. describe the group of people, plants or
vi. Who conducted the study? Did a group sponsor the study who had an interest in the
outcome? If so, what was that interest?
vii. Was there an appropriate control group? If not, why not, and, if so, how so?
viii. How did they analyze the data to reach their conclusion?
c. an evaluation of the conclusions the scientists made.
Include the following in your evaluation:
i. Were the conclusions logical, convincing, and appropriate to the actual way the
experiment was performed and the data collected?
ii. Justify your evaluation by identifying specific elements of the analysis completed in #2
(above), and connecting them to information about proper scientific research from your
book or other credible sources.

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The Essence of a Love Poem

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Pith of affection verse What is love verse? Numerous individuals think love verse ought to be sweet and sentimental. This is the tone of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnet “How I love you”, however William Shakespeare’s “My darling’s eyes are totally not quite the same as the sun.” Both refrains are clearly verse of adoration, yet the reaction to the perfect is differed. Carmelizing said her affection was grand and magnificent, yet that was kinda … …. If it’s not too much trouble compose a five – part article (presentation, 3 passages and end in the content), which examines the accompanying: the significance of the historical backdrop of bondage and understanding this sonnet. Your answer ought to remember a conversation for the picture and reiteration Marley uses to communicate it. This sonnet says: “Free your otherworldly subjection.

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