Service encounters

Chapter 12 presented a theoretic model “SERVQUAL” (short for service quality measure) to evaluate service encounters.  The model contains five dimensions which are illustrated as below:

For this discussion board, you need to

1. recall one of your recent service encounters, for example, having your hair done or having your car serviced.

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2. Make a table as above, illustrating the aspects of your service encounter that match each of five dimensions.

Take my oil-change appointment as an example,

ReliabilityThe shop was able to complete the job in 45 minutes.  They promised to get it done within an hour.TangibilityThe pull-in area was clean and uncluttered.  The waiting room has wifi, free coffee/tea, large screen TV, and even a play area for kids. ResponsivenessAs soon as I pulled in, a service rep came to greet me and ask for my needs. They also answered my concerns after the jobs were completed. AssuranceThey explain to me that I may need a new battery and explained to me why my battery seemed to be very short-lived given my daily short trips. EmpathyGiven the amount of works that is needed in my old car, they helped me prioritize the jobs and offered me discounts.

3. Comment on what can be improved for this service provider, based upon the SERVQUAL model.

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