Shared Decision-Making



Write a brief review of the literature on the topic of decision-making support in racial and ethnic minority cancer populations. The cancer populations of focus are breast, lung, and prostate. The need for this research and the problem being investigated is that decision-making support interventions and programs have not been widely offered to racial and ethnic minority cancer patients and has not been studied thoroughly in the literature. I am attaching a working manuscript of the research study (Word document). You will notice this has the Methods section completed. It may help you to understand the type of introduction section I’m looking for. I’m also attaching a few key papers that you can reference in the introduction, among others that you find. This research study is driven by the following 3 research questions: 1) What decision navigation interventions, services, or programs are used to support the decision-making of racial and ethnic minority breast, lung, or prostate cancer patients?; 2) Can decision navigation interventions and decision-making support improve overall survival and quality of life among racial and ethnic minority breast, lung, or prostate cancer patients?; 3) Are health disparities or inequalities discussed among different racial and ethnic minority patients diagnosed with breast, lung, or prostate cancer who receive decision-support interventions or services?

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