Smart governances

Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have prompted massive growth in innovation and automation and their potentialities have expanded from smart buildings, smart transportation, smart grids, smart governances to smart anything. These technologies are already being used to defend network attacks; however, they can be used maliciously. For example, Deep Locker has shown the intentional use of AI for a harmful purpose. Threat actors are constantly changing and enhancing their attack approach with a unique emphasis on the application of AI-driven techniques inside the attack process which can be used in conjunction with traditional attack techniques to cause greater damage. Your task is to study how AI technologies can be used maliciously to perform network attacks and what measures should be taken to mitigate these attacks.
(a) As a network security analyst, why is it important that you have knowledge of AI based network attacks?
(b) Select three examples of AI-based network attacks and describe them.
(c) What are the defensive strategies you can take to prevent any two of these attacks?