Social media channels for business



1. Your reflection should introduce the assignment. This should be no more than two to three lines.
2. You should introduce the original three ideas with a brief description.
3. You should then note which idea you selected to share with your peers through social media. You should
note why you selected this idea, why you thought it would be the best one, and so forth. You should provide a
detailed description of the marketing mix for the selected idea, target market(s) and why you think the idea will
be successful. Interject your thoughts on comments from the class.
4. If you amended the idea prior to sharing with your social networks based on class feedback note the
changes and why you made them.
5. Describe what social media channels you used to share your business idea and why. I am using wechat to
share the ideas
6. Describe any actions you took to generate discussion about your ideas.
7. You may now reflect and discuss all the following:
A. Do you think it’s useful for business owners to use social media to improve or generate business ideas?
Why or why not?
B. Are you happy with the responses from your peers and social networks? Why or why not? If you were doing
this again or trying to get more responses would you do anything differently?
C. What did you learn from this assignment? What did you find interesting, surprising? What did you like? Not

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