“Social Movements & Social Change”

After reading chapter 21 “Social Movements & Social Change” and listening to the YouTube video “Change the world, join a movement” link below

respond to the following discussion assignment. 
Choose a Social Movement song and a Social Movement to research and analyze. Listen to the song and read the lyrics. Include the song title and a YouTube link of the song (The link symbol on this page will allow you to copy and paste the link after you reply). Examples of Social Movements Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Gay Marriage Movement, Women’s Movement, Me Too, Day Without Immigrants, etc. There are several movements to choose from. Research any movement that moves you! In your response include the Social Movement you selected. An Example of a song is “Sam Cooke, A Change is Gonna Come” which demonstrated challenges. This song cannot be used in your response. Also, do not use “This Is America” by Childish Gambino
Answer all of the following statement and questions:
1.What can be learned from the video “Change the world, join a movement”?
2. State the Social Movement and song you selected. Explain the connection between your song and the social movement. Be sure to include a YouTube link to your song somewhere in your post.
3. What role can music play in social movements or social change?
4. What do you think the song you selected is about? Describe the message or perspective the song writer is trying to convey. Use examples from the song.
5. Do you believe the message is relevant today? Why or Why not? Explain.
6. What phrases of the song do you relate to?
To add the link to your song from YouTube click reply, click on the link icon, “link to URL”, then you can copy and paste the YouTube link.

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