Social Policy Report – Underage Drinking.

Topic: Social Policy Report – Underage Drinking.  Policy Report Assignment SOC 320 Fall 2020 Policy Report Assignment (100 points) (3-5 pages) Your final paper – Policy Report – is the same as the policy brief paper, except you are required to provide more information and expect this to be a more polished and improved version. For example, during the semester, I have stressed the importance of proving sources, clearly explaining your argument, and providing explicit recommendations. This final paper should reflect what you have learned from doing the briefs with an in-depth review of the issue and well-articulated recommendations. Look over the grading rubric for expectations. Also, the instructions have slightly changed from the policy brief – ensure you read carefully. Format Your brief must be between 3-5 pages single spaced with double space before and after each section header. Use headers as laid out below. Use 12 point font Times Roman or Arial, with 1-inch margins. Use the format below. Organizing your policy brief Title A professional title that gives the reader an understanding of what to expect in the document. NOTE: Put you name under the title – do not state my name, class, term, etc. If you want to state, these put them in the heading. Executive Summary This section should be at least one paragraph and no more than two. The reader should be able to understand the problem and your proposed policy recommendations quickly. Scope of the Problem and Context: In this section, briefly give enough information to justify a need for policy action. Current Policy and Alternatives: In this section, discuss the current policy and different approaches to this problem. State the information fairly and assess the merits and challenges of the current system and the alternatives. Your goal is to set the stage and lead the reader to support the policy proposal you are offering. Policy Recommendation: This is where you detail your suggested approach to the issue with exact steps and actions. Your recommendation can be either A) something you have come with your self-based on the previous literature and policies or B) an endorsement of a policy or solution that has been developed by another person or group. Option B is the most common for this assignment, but I want to give you the option to do either. **Below is a correction from the previous report and a suggestion on how to fix it. How can you address the counter points you bring up? For example, you state a few factors that lead to failure of MAT. Follow up each statement with a known solution. Frame it like this, I recommend X, there are Y problems associated with this, however, when Z is implemented Y is not as problematic and therefore X is still a strong option. As written, you recommend X, see Y problems and stop there. If I agree that Y problems are an issue, I could be likely to not support X- which is not what you want. ***Below is a response from the instructor when I asked about narrowing the topic down. One way to approach this is that you have topic A (let’s call it) now we want to explore topic A in population Y. But we may want more than that. We may want to examine issue A in population Y in location Z. We could continue this focus by looking for issue A in pop Y in location Z with K characteristics. Once you get the focus you may have to alter it depending on the amount of data you have to work with. For example, alcohol abuse by college students in four-year colleges in the Northeast. Or Alcohol abuse as central to the party culture of college students in Greek life in elite universities. This can be focused more if you chose a group of elite colleges or even one. You could stay broad and discuss drinking age laws in a group of states, a state or even the nation. You could also look at availability of alcohol and examine why and how minors get access to alcohol and what could be done to change that. Is it more laws or less? There are arguments for both. You can run this same logic for any topic. For this assignment you need something you can suggest a policy for. It can be broad but then your recommendation is also going to be broad. Work Cited Use ASA or APA format. Cite using the American Sociological Association (ASA) style guide 6th edition or the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide 6th or 7th edition. I have posted the two pdfs covering each style on Canvas under the Resources portal on the home page. You can also go to the library’s web page at may also find this site helpful: Another excellent resource is I strongly suggest that you review and bookmark each of these sites. Notes and advice from me Writing takes practice and time. Start early and carve a little time each day to work on the assignment. If you put 20-30 minutes a day aside for this (5 days a week), you will make much progress, and the final push will be less stressful. This is not a rule, only a suggestion. You may find another method that works best for you. Late-night cramming is no, however, the best strategy. At any time in the process, you can contact me via email. Also, the Holland Academic Success Center has writing tutors, and I highly recommend you use these. I have used writing center services all through my college experience, including graduate school.

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