Software Application

Discuss the software applications you plan to use within your final presentation. The final presentation will consist of a video with audio narration, background music

with text narration, transitions, and graphics to support your IT Strategic Management Plan. The content should be presented in a compelling and informative manner

that captures the attention of the viewer. There are several tools you may want to use in creating this video. You may start with PowerPoint slides and import them

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into a video and then add narration or text or you may want to use Prezi. Ultimately, you will end up with a video format for your final submission, which will be

submitted as a video file or published to an online location, such as Vimeo or YouTube. Video software that you may want to use could be iMovie, Audacity, or Studio.

Discuss with your classmates the tools and techniques you plan to use within your final video production and why you might use this application over others. What

factors influenced this choice?

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