Spiritual Goals and Goal Evaluation


In this paper, you will assess your current spiritual condition; create a 5-year plan with a goal and measurable objectives with interventions. You will create an evaluation plan to measure your progress and a dissemination plan to explain the results.

Biographical Background Information yourself.
Explain spirituality in the context of the culture you were raised in – thinking specifically in terms of your family and your community. [course link: Evaluation in cultural context, pages 37-40]
Describe your current spiritual condition – in your own words
Spiritual Goals and Objectives for the next five years.
What is your primary spiritual Goal?
What objectives do you need to meet this Goal? Make sure you give me SMART objectives.
What activities or interventions will you use to achieve your objectives?
You may choose to intertwine your career and educational objectives, if you wish.
Evaluation Plan- Translating Program Theory & Objectives into Evaluation Questions
Specify which program theory you are using. (Chapter 3 in the course textbook)
What is your impact question?
How will you evaluate your progress quantitatively?
How will you evaluate your progress qualitatively?
How will you collect data to measure your progress?
How will you analyze the data? What methods?
Dissemination Plan
What will your dissemination plan be for the evaluation results?

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