Spirituality and Mental Health

Spirituality and Mental Health

This article shows that mental health and religion can enhance the lives of those who part take and the combined forces of mental health and spirituality as they will bring a positive impact to a person’s mental and spiritual life. The article is called Spiritualty and Higher Education it details the positive benefits of spirituality in your life as early as a teenager and throughout life. There are many fine points, but with any article there will be positives and negatives sides of the story.

The strengths and the weakness:

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The article has a lot of positive information that details the benefit of spirituality in one’s life when it comes to peace of mind along with good mental health service it states that as you are coming of age spirituality will enhance your life, it is best to start when you are younger to gain the full benefits as spirituality becomes a part of your life you will grow into it with full positivity and a bright mental life.

There are many ways to find spirituality through the many different religions in this world, such as Christianity which this article seems to mostly speak of by the comments made when speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King or the fact that it could lead to a clean life absent from smoking cigarettes, and the use of drugs.

The negative side of this is that everyone does not practice religion so this article may not help everyone who reads it because of the many different religions across the world many may find the words of this article offensive therefore may not continue to read it.

This is the negative side of an article like this there are many different religions in this world that may share the Sam view point is many Christians such as myself do as with any article a person may read at still may have a positive impact on your life it all depends on how open a person can be when it comes to religion.

Do the article speaks to each other this is just one article on the topic.

This article has more positive than negative, and does not show the tales of two story therefore the reader who may look for the opposite side of religion and mental health may not find it here and will be disappointed. There are facts in this article that states that researcher has found that those who do not seek spirituality may do harm to their selves by smoking, and drinking which

Then may lead to mental health issues in their lives. Does this mean the article speaks to each subject in regards to each subject? It does at some point but not much on the negative side of spirituality and mental health. Also, an article like this speaks to the readers about the positive side of spirituality and religion the readers will find a good information that can help the mentally as well as spiritual.

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