Split Kick” (Horace Silver)

Listen to “Split Kick”, answer all the following questions. The order of solos in this piece is: Donaldson, Brown,
Silver, Blakey. Regarding the solos of Donaldson, Brown, and Blakey: Listen to the music and provide counter
numbers for the beginning and end of these solos. Describe their solo styles. Provide detail of how they phrase
or create musical lines over the chord changes. What is your impression of this piece? How would you
compare/contrast the solo style of Donaldson with that of Charlie Parker? How would you compare/contrast the
solo style of Brown with that of Dizzy Gillespie? How is Blakey’s drumming different from Jo Jones? How do
these hard bop soloists differ from their bebop and earlier swing counterparts? Do these soloists in Blakey’s
group have strong ties to the bebop style?

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