Strategic plan report | Management homework help

For one of the Inland Empire client firms (from the list in the course materials on the Blackboard), identify three potential Vietnamese-owned partner firms in the Vietnam (using the internet and library research).  Submit a 1500-words research-based strategic plan report, covering the following.

• Develop a statement of strategic intent for your client firm.

• Analyze the generic business strategies of each of the three partner firms, using research on those firms.

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• Create a blue ocean strategy for your client firm to grow in the Vietnam in collaboration with the three partner firms.  Identify what values you will create, add, eliminate, or reduce in collaboration with the three Vietnamese-owned partner firms (using 2 x 2 chart).   Use research on your three partner firms.

• Conduct a technological 3 M (monetary, machine, method) functional strategy analysis for the first partner firm, organizational 3 M (manpower, material, marketing) functional strategy analysis for the second partner firm, and ecosystem 3 M (manufacturing, motivating, manipulating) functional strategy analysis for the third partner firm.   Substantiate with research on each firm.

• Identify and analyze four different scenarios for the future competitive growth of your client firm in the Vietnam, in collaboration with the three partner firms separately and together (using 2 x 2 chart)

Your report must have at least six references, based on your research, besides the materials from this course, and cite them in the APA format.

Client firm:

Partner firms